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Working Group 13.2: Methodologies for User-Centred Systems Design

The focus of the work within Working Group 13.2 is on the practice of Human-Computer Interaction within Software Engineering.


The principal aim of WG13.2 is to foster research, dissemination of information and good practice in the methodical application of HCI to software engineering (SE). This involves (a) research into and development of HCI principles, methods and techniques applied to system design and integrated with principles, methods and tools in software engineering, and (b) research into human action within the system development process and promotion of knowledge transfer from such studies into the construction of integrated HCI-SE design methods.


The scope of the work includes evaluation and synthesis of HCI specification and design methods, implications of cognitive psychology for the design of human-computer interfaces, evaluation and study of different approaches to design delivery, improvement of methods and techniques of human factors in software engineering as practised in industrial environments, and development of cooperative work techniques applied to software development.


Membership is open to all researchers and practitioners interested in user-centered design and realted techniques, tools and processes. The only criterion is that you participate in the group's activities. To join the group, you need to submit papers to the one of the event organized by the group including meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. or you just attend the event. When you have attended two events within a reasonably short time intervals (e.g. 3 years) and you wish to join, contact the secretary. Membership is usually granted and subject to decisions of business meetings and requires an intention to continue to participate in the group's activities.

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